Know of a cool, deserving local business to nominate as a target for a Cash Mob?  Let’s hear it! 

Please tell us a little something about the business — what you like about them, why you’d like to see them mobbed  (remember: compelling stories!). And if you own the joint, or work for the owners, that’s fine — but we’d appreciate it if you’d make that known right up front.

Remember: Once a business has been nominated, they stay in the pool for all future mobs.

Nomination Form {Businesses}

And let’s not forget about our goal to collaborate with a local non profit for each Cash Mob event! Nominate non profits in the Charlottesville/Albemarle area, and help us support our great community with each event.

Nomination Form {Non Profits}

4 thoughts on “Nominate

    • We’d like to leave the nominating up to the community, but also don’t want to turn this into a ballot-box-stuffing effort. And while we don’t do an audit of the business financials, we do make inquiry into both the perceived need, and also what the business contributes in the community.

  1. I would like information on how to become the non profit group that joins with you. Lafayette School and Treatment Center is a non profit day school here in Cville that serves the city and other surrounding counties, as far away as Powhatan and Rockbridge. We serve students 5th thru 12th grade that have emotional or behavioral disorders that keep them from being successful in a traditional educational setting.
    Our summer program needs some funds! Can you let me know how to get involved?
    Barret Stump, Associate Director

    • Barret – thank you for making that nomination. We’re still getting our legs under us from Saturday, and we need to get the ‘nominations’ tab working properly. Hope we can get it working later today. (Our crack team of specialists is on the job! :-) Once it’s up, could you please make the nomination

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