Get Ready for Cash Mob Cinco de Mobo!

It’s hard to believe we’re already on our 5th event! Thank you all for your support for Cash Mob Charlottesville and all of Cville’s great local businesses!

Be sure to come out for Cash Mob Cinco de Mobo this Saturday, July 28th from 1-4pm at McIntire Plaza! 

Live music, discounts, samples and demonstrations for all the great local businesses located in McIntire Plaza — and one business will be mobbed! Stay tuned or show up Saturday to find out which business is getting a local-lovin’ boost from our cash-filled wallets!

Many thanks to the staff at Woodard Properties for their help in organizing this event with all the great businesses in McIntire Plaza!Cash Mob - Participating businesses

Cash Mob - Community Invitation


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4 thoughts on “Get Ready for Cash Mob Cinco de Mobo!

  1. It makes me really question the intent and principles of the Cash Mob that you would include a corporate franchise in this event.

    • Important distinction: ‘include’ vs ‘target’.

      There are 70 businesses in that plaza, all of whom, (including the one you’ve targeted to repeatedly bash) are enthusiastically supporting and participating in this celebration of a local business district. What would you suggest? invite people to visit the other 69 businesses all around them? Not hardly.

      Cash mobs celebrate local businesses, and encourage the community to support them by shopping there. And if a locally-owned, locally-financed business that goes to great lengths to use as many locally-sourced products as possible, has complete control over its menu and ingredient sourcing, pays (signigicantly) into the local treasury, provides jobs AND contributes significantly to local charities and food banks…. gosh, stop me, I could go on and on… anyway, if they’re the devil…. it makes me question your intent.

  2. You forgot to tag La Linea Bella! :) They’re a great new store (1 year old!) with a local owner — lots of gifts, cards, jewelry and goodies in addition to excellent framing!

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