And the TARGET is…


Announced this morning on the Rick & Jane show, our target for this Saturday’s Cash Mob event is Carpe Donut, a great, and tasty, local business.

carpe donut

Check out this inside look at our target:

So be sure to come out, support Carpe and their wonderful staff, in addition the incredible support and participation of all the McIntire Plaza businesses!

Live Music for Cinco de Mobo

While you’re out supporting local businesses, support local musicians as well!

Cash Mob veteran Scott T. will be playing at this Saturday’s event, and if you missed him at the Wayside Cash Mob (which ended up a 4 hour jam session organically composed of local musicians and friends and what a day that was!), be sure to come out to hear this great up-and-coming local artist!

Check out his music or buy his cd!

Get Ready for Cash Mob Cinco de Mobo!

It’s hard to believe we’re already on our 5th event! Thank you all for your support for Cash Mob Charlottesville and all of Cville’s great local businesses!

Be sure to come out for Cash Mob Cinco de Mobo this Saturday, July 28th from 1-4pm at McIntire Plaza! 

Live music, discounts, samples and demonstrations for all the great local businesses located in McIntire Plaza — and one business will be mobbed! Stay tuned or show up Saturday to find out which business is getting a local-lovin’ boost from our cash-filled wallets!

Many thanks to the staff at Woodard Properties for their help in organizing this event with all the great businesses in McIntire Plaza!Cash Mob - Participating businesses

Cash Mob - Community Invitation