Mob 4 Mel’s: Sponsors

Check out our great sponsors for Saturday’s event, from Blue Moon Diner, to Cville Niche Magazine, to Midtown Music.

All sponsors volunteered to support fellow business Mel’s Cafe, and are dedicated to building a strong local community right here in Cville. Thanks to all the sponsors!



Mob 4 Mel’s: June 30th!

This Saturday, Cash Mob Cville presents its 4th Cash Mob event – Mob 4 Mel’s.

Come out June 30th, from 1-4pm, to Mel’s Cafe for another great chance to support local businesses right in your community!


Enjoy some delicious eats at a West Main spot where everyone is family!

Entertainment will include Step Up Studios, Michael Coleman, and recent Paramount Idol winner Jennifer Stuart of The Design.

michael coleman cash mob 3

Michael Coleman at Tour de Cash Mob, May 26th

And be sure to check out Cville Niche‘s “” video booth during the event, where you can be the voice of Cville and share what you love about Cville.


Stay tuned for details later this week! See you there, Mobbers!

bob cash mob

In case you missed Cash Mob Committee member Bob Fenwick jam out with the Wayside Band at the last mob, here’s a little taste of what’s to come on June 30th!