It’s time! It’s TIME! Tour de Cash Mob is May 26th!

Cash Mob Charlottesville has set its third #cashmob event for Saturday, May 26th, and this time, we are shaking things up with a little different M.O.

“Tour de Cash Mob” will target ALL of the businesses at the JPA bridge construction site, from 1-5 pm on Saturday, May 26th.  In the past, we’ve kept our mob target a carefully guarded secret, but this time, we’re shouting it from the rooftops to encourage cash mobbers to come out and support these businesses who have been affected by the disruption caused by bridge construction:

Rallying behind our local business owners is what the Cash Mob movement is all about.  This Saturday, we encourage you to explore this business district with us, and show these business owners some Ca$hMob Love!  We’re going to turn it into a party, with live music, food and fun.
Make plans to join us, and “like” us on facebook, follow us on twitter for the latest updates!Getting there isn’t so tough, and if you want to ditch your car for the afternoon, we’d suggest exploring the district on your bicycle, or take the FREE CAT trolley.

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